Investor Coaching Program

Ever wonder how you can take your first step into investing in the stock market with confidence? As an investment mentor, my job is to empower my clients with the ability to identify profitable businesses and build a strong stock portfolio in the US stock market (NASDAQ and NYSE).

All our coaching programmes are strongly rooted in business fundamentals and value investing principles which are strongly in-lined with the philosophy of successful values investors such as Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Ken Fisher. There are 3 coaching programmes that you can choose from depending on your learning needs.

If you are in doubt, please book a complementary consultation to schedule a discussion with me.

Consultation Programme:

Introductory Consultation (Complimentary)
1 Session
Duration: 60 minutes
Session: Complimentary


This is an opportunity to discuss about your financial and investment concerns. Let me help you in figuring out what are your future financial goals, shortfall and clear all your doubts about stock investing. You can also use this session to clarify details about customizing a course that meets your needs.

In this one intense hour, you will be able to get your roadmap to financial success, a better understanding of your risk appetite and how to take your first step into the stock market.

• Discover how to invest with confidence
• Understand your Investment Profile
• Receive clarity on what to invest next to achieve your goals
• Discover how you can tailor your own investment development programme for yourself



Coaching Programme 1:

Course Name: How to Make Use of Financial Information to Identify Profitable Stocks
6 Sessions
Duration: 90 minutes per session
Session $397

Most traders and speculators lost their hard-earned money in the stock market simply because they developed a bad habit of trying to guess the future share price of a stock. In the stock market, prices of stocks change all the time; however, the business fundamentals of a company always remain constant.
In this program, I will teach you a systematic way of analyzing a stock from a business perspective. Learn how professional stock analysts make use of financial statements and research tools to identify profitable business.
Learn how to look at a business as an investor by learning the secrets of professional stock analysts and by using the same tools as the to achieve your financial goals.
After 7 eye opening sessions, you will master,

• A process of analysing businesses in 30 minutes or less
• The art of reading the parts of a financial reports that matters
• Design your own decision-making system to invest your way, and never lose money
• The confidence to pick up any report and know what it means to you


Coaching Programme 2:

Course Name: How to Model and Build a Solid Stock Portfolio after Successful Investors
8 Sessions
Duration: 90 minutes per session
Session $497
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One of the most effective way to build a stable and profitable stock portfolio is to follow what successful investors are buying. To increase the winning probabilities, I developed this program to help investors like you to take advantages of the resources of successful investors such as Warren Buffett, Ken Fisher and Seth Klarman.
Leverage your returns by standing on the shoulder of giants, I will guide you on how to use the insights from the world’s titan investors and apply them into your portfolio.

By the end of this coaching program, you will be able to:

• Gain access to stock portfolio of the titan investors of the world
• Greatly shorten your learning curve
• Reduce drastically the risk the market has on your by picking the winners at the start
• Sleep better at night when you know you are trading with the best


• 12 months’ worth of analyst reports of the most dynamic companies around the world such as 3M, P&G, Pepsi and Pfizer



Coaching Programme 3:

Course Name: Value Investing Coaching Programme
10 Sessions
Duration: 90 minutes per session
Session $970

First coined by world renowned investor Warrant Buffett, Value Investing is the philosophy of targeting undervalued stocks with genuine and intrinsic value which has very strong potential for appreciation over time.
By assessing both the value and the context of a company, a smart value investor will know when and how to invest for maximum gain. In this coaching programme, I will provide you with the finest material and support to help you build a profitable portfolio of stocks.

After this coaching programme, you will be able to:

• Select stocks that will appreciate indefinitely at great prices
• Pick industries what matches your risk and personality profile
• Discover and verbalize exactly why a company has intrinsic value
• Invest at the right price so that your risk is very well managed

Additional Bonus:

• 12 months’ worth of analyst reports of the most dynamic companies around the world such as 3M, P&G, Pepsi and Pfizer
• Commitment to help you create an investment portfolio up to a list of 5 companies


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