About Kim Speed

Hi there and welcome. I’m Kim Speed, A brand visibility expert, author, speaker and marketing trainer.

I help professional service companies and health care businesses create brands that are visible to the right clients, so they become known as the experts in their field, making money doing what they love doing.

Recognizing the need for a marketing company devoted to small businesses, who are invisible to large agencies, I launched Purple Moon Creative, Brand and Marketing Boutique with a mission to help business owners and entrepreneurs turn their brands into their most valuable assets.

No matter if you’re an entrepreneur or a growing company, we provide what you need to take your organization to the next level. We offer brand and marketing training, done for you brand identity packages, 1-1 brand mentor-ship, group coaching and online courses.

Before slipping into the world of entrepreneurialism, my career began in the world of Advertising, first as a graphic designer and ultimately as Creative Director. I lead a team of art directors and copywriters to create successful campaigns for clients such as Labatt, Molson Coors, Energizer, Coca Cola, Imperial Oil, and TD Bank. It was never my dream to start my own business. That happened by accident, that accident being the company downsizing me out of a job.

“No matter if you’re an entrepreneuror a growing company,we provide what you need to take your organization to the next level. We offer brand and marketing training, done for you brand identity packages, 1-1 brand mentorship, group coaching and online courses”

– Kim Speed

If it wasn’t for that opportunity I would never have started my entrepreneurial journey. But once my corporate blinders were removed, I knew I no longer wanted to return to a full-time job. I had a taste of life with my family. No longer missing the school concerts or track days for a meeting. That’s when my business venture began. It was a way to be with the ones that are so important to me family.

Who knew how courageous entrepreneurs have to be? I thought with my experience and connections that starting a small business would be a much easier journey. I learnt that becoming a

owner is one of the bravest things any one could do.

“Purple Moon Creative exceeded my expectations. The branding sessions clarified what my business is and how it delivers value to my customers. The resulting creative assets were excellent.”

Raul Vieira

Code Matter

I have been through the struggles and fears of leaving the comfort of a steady paying job, learning (sometimes the hard way) how to develop and maintain a business that supports your life and your dreams. I have been the one man show, where you have to be every thing from business development, production team, tech support, admin and the cleaning service. I understand what it takes to run a company and take care of clients while trying to maintain a life with my family. There were days I was inches away from throwing in the towel, but as I continued to learn and grow, the business started to attract more clients and become profitable. The secret to my success was becoming clear and staying focused, on who I am, what I do and who I do it for and why.
Speed Facts:

  • Wife – to my high school sweetheart and best friend
  • Mother – of two smart, beautiful daughters
  • Dog lover turned cat owner
  • Average student turned lifelong learner
  • Passionate about all things brand and business
  • Love to consume great coffee or good wine with a meal joined by friends
  • Thrill seeker, willing to take every opportunity that scares the heck out of me, to grow.
  • Serial Entrepreneur – Founder and owner of Purple Moon Creative, Brand and Marketing Boutique, plus co-owner of EventsWorks, a job board exclusively for the event industry and partner of Let it GoTM empowering change and abundance for people in transition.

“Wonderful call and such insightful information I got from Kim in thinking about my brand for my business. She helped me understand how my brand is connected in everything I do from how I communicate with my potential clients, current clients. My biggest aha was really getting specific on my ideal client, and how to integrate that into my blogging strategy when I am educating small business owners about the services I offer. “

Sara Bibb

Principal Consultant|MKS HR Consulting



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